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Day to invoke
Invoked for
# days to keep petition (time of action)
Omen that petition is accepted
Michael Sunday achievement, marriage, performance 7 days (1 year) gold fruit, flowers, sunbeam, lions
Gabriel Monday, Full & New Moon imagination, psychic energy, all domestic matters 28 days (3, 9,12 months) shellfis, melons, silver, moonbeam, white flowers
Samael Tuesday courage, perserverance, removing enemies 7 days (quickly) knife, fire, sheep, heat on a wound
Raphael Wednesday communication, computers, concentration,children 7 days (quickly) bird, monkey, lark, mirror, yellow flower
Sachiel Thursday finance, legal matters, improve fortune 7 days (anytime) found money, whales, purple flowers, lavender
Asariel Thursday mediumship usually not invoked directly usually not invoked directly
Haniel Friday love 28 days (6 months) apple, doves, roses, ring
Cassiel Saturday structure of houses, land, agriculture, the elderly 3 months (4 years) tortoise, parrot, dried flowers
Uriel Saturday magic, miracles 14 days (suddenly) unicorns, rainbow, lightening

Note: Some effort is required on your part to build your petition,
but it is through this process that you will connect with the angels.

One last note: Petitions usually begin with "Please" and you should use "we" instead of "I"

If you do not receive the omen shown above, your petition may have been too selfish
or would cause harm to another and was rejected.

Be sure to open the popup window: "Help Angelic" before proceeding.
(The button for it should be down below your screen or else reload this page.)

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